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What is AWANA?

AWANA is a non-denominational youth Christian ministry for children ages 3-years through eighth grade that encourages them to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ. The development of a strong faith is facilitated through fellowship, fun, and familiarization with God’s word.  The AWANA curriculum emphasizes the learning of Bible verses and the practical application of biblical principles in daily life.

BTC’s AWANA Club meets on Wednesday nights from 6:20-8:00pm throughout the school year, running from September through April.

AWANA Programming Includes:

  • Weekly Non-Denominational Bible Club for Kids

  • Fun & Unique AWANA Games

  • Wacky Theme Nights, Movie Nights, and more!

  • Uniforms & Awards

  • Builds Positive Friendships, Faith, and Character

How is AWANA Organized?

The AWANA curriculum is interactive and is organized around three key activities:

  1. Large group time with Bible lesson

  2. Workbook assignments

  3. Game Time

What do the children learn in AWANA?


    • Preschool

    • Develop RESPECT for God, His Son, and His Word


    • Kindergarten to 2nd Grade

    • Build a foundation of WISDOM for knowing Christ


    • 3rd to 5th Grade

    • Learn God’s truth, growing in Christ’s GRACE and training to follow Him

  • TREK

    • 6th to 8th Grade

    • Learn God’s truth, growing in Christ’s GRACE and training to follow Him

What happens every week at AWANA?

Clubbers’ time is divided into 3 equal segments of games, small group study, and large group lessons.

  • Game Time — Game Time teaches fun and unique games; building strength, focus, and coordination as well as teamwork and sportsmanship.

  • Handbook Time (Small Group) — Small groups of clubbers meet with Leaders, who help them pass their handbook sections. Includes Bible readings and study questions, memory and review verses, word definitions, service, and missional activities.

  • Council Time (Large Group) — Large group lesson time features singing, recognition, and an engaging Bible lesson which helps the children better understand the verses they are memorizing. Leaders also share testimonies and missionary biographies throughout the year… plus a few special surprises!