Our History

Bible Truth Chapel first appeared on the Wausau landscape in 1893, when three or four families began to meet together in a private home to study the Bible and share the Lord’s Supper on a weekly basis. As they eagerly shared God’s Word with relatives, friends and acquaintances, others came to faith in Christ and numbers grew.

The group met together in a succession of homes and rented facilities until, in 1936, they acquired a property on South Fifth Avenue where the church continued to grow. In 1970, Bible Truth Chapel built our present facility at 1600 North First Avenue. The original building was extensively renovated in 1998 to include a gym facility and additional classrooms. Currently, we are a congregation of nearly 200.

We are spiritually and historically rooted in a movement begun in the early 1800s in England and Ireland, usually known simply as “Brethren,” or “Plymouth Brethren.” This movement is ongoing today as a worldwide church planting and missionary enterprise through a free network of autonomous local churches, often widely diverse in format and structure.

Two primary characteristics common to these churches are the weekly celebration of the Lord’s memorial supper, and leadership by a plurality of elders.

The history of the Brethren movement and their distinctives, priorities and objectives, are available online at numerous websites. A “Plymouth Brethren” Google search provides an extensive list. As linked with the free network of Brethren churches, or assemblies, we at Bible Truth Chapel do not endorse all that these independently sponsored websites present. They do, however, offer much that is helpful by way of historical information.